Bhutan at Glance

A country perched up in the heart of the exotic Himalayas; Bhutan is one of the ideal tourist destinations in the world. Bhutan shares the breathtaking natural beauty of the great Himalaya, while at the same time, the subtle yet seamless fusion of the southern lowlands into the geographical make-up of this nation makes Bhutan a rich heritage site of floral and faunal wealth of the planet.

Bhutan is also an old Buddhist civilization. As the only surviving Mahayana Buddhist nation in the planet, Bhutan is also a place of fascinating culture and customs. It is a complete terra incognetia one would enter only to be immensely happy for having done so: it is a bonanza for people who want

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to experience different cultures. With this package of the dragon’s gift, visitors to this, our land will have a compliment of courtesy and good-natured and friendly people with generous supply of humor drawn directly out of the oeuvre of the iconoclastic Buddhist master, Lama Drukpa Kuenley, popularly known as the Divine Madman to the western imagination.





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